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  • It is a subscription upon subscribing gives additional benefits and fully-functioned product features.
  • Premium users get more experience compared to free users.
  • The premium subscription fee is based on monthly basis.
  • For more information about subscription, pricing, purchasing the subscription Click here
  • After subscribing to our premium features, the wait time is 48 hours until your membership is reflected on your account!

How to activate

  • After a successful transaction, Make sure to link your discord account with patreon, This step is necessary as we need to confirm the transaction status in order to grant the privileges.
  • How to link your discord account with patreon

How to active premium on your server?

We are here to help you, updating a server with Groot premium makes members to use premium features on the server. Doesn't matter if the member is a premium user or not. To activate premium on your server, go to our dashboard page and select the server you want to activate premium on. Then click on the Upgrade button on the right side of the page. After that, website will ask for your confirmation to activate premium on the server. After confirming, the premium will be activated on the server.


You have successfully activated premium on your server. Now you can use premium features on your server. But if you want to downgrade the server, you can do it by clicking on the Degrade button on the right side of the page.
Note: After activating the server you'll need to wait for 3 days to downgrade the server.


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