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If you have have palyed an music but not able to hear anything?

It might happen that Groot does not transmit any audio, but that's mostly an issue on your end. Check below for some solutions!

Check you input and output devices

Head over to Profile settings > Voice & Video and check if your input and output devices are set correctly. If you are using a headset, make sure that you have selected the correct input and output device.


Check whether you have muted Groot!

Sometimes, you might have muted Groot by accident. Right-click on Groot profile and check if you have self-muted it or it is server-muted!


Check if Groot has the correct permissions to speak!

Make sure that Groot has the correct permissions to speak in the channel you are in. If you are in a channel where Groot does not have the permission to speak, it will not be able to transmit any audio.


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