Toggles the 8d mode.
Aliases: 8_d


Toggles the bassboost mode.
Aliases: bass


Toggles the chipmunk mode.
Aliases: squirel, chipmunks


Toggles the daycore mode.
Aliases: dcore


Toggles slowed and reverbed audio.
Aliases: sandr, sr


Toggles the nightcore mode.
Aliases: nc


Toggles the slowmo mode.
Aliases: slowmode


Toggles the terriblebass mode.
Aliases: tbass


Toggles the vaporwave mode.
Aliases: vapor


Toggles the vibrate mode.
Aliases: shake


Shows the information about this bot.
Aliases: info, botinfo, developers


Sets afk for this server


Ask AI a question!
Aliases: Ai, askai, ask-groot, askgroot


Get avatar of a user.
Aliases: av, pfp


Get the banner of the user.
Aliases: userbanner


To get information about all commands.
Aliases: h, commands


Imagines something for you!
Aliases: generate


Shows Groot's official invite links!
Aliases: links, inv


Get total member count of the server
Aliases: mc


Aliases: pong


To get information about user.


Get your profile!
Aliases: pf


Shows Server Information
Aliases: si


Checks the server shard your server is in.
Aliases: shard, debug, shardinfo


Shows bot uptime
Aliases: up, ut


Get all information about a user.
Aliases: ui, uinfo


Get a link to vote me.
Aliases: voteme


Starts a giveaway in this server.
Aliases: gcreate, giveawaystart, startg


Ends a giveaway.
Aliases: giveawayend


Rerolls a giveaway.
Aliases: giveawayreroll


Shows the time difference between between replied message and message ID.
Aliases: timediff


Starts a giveaway in this server.
Aliases: gcreate, giveawaystart, startg


Automoderation settings
Aliases: automoderation


Bans a member from the guild


Bans a member from the guild if also the member is not available on the guild
Aliases: heckban, fuckban


Hides the channel
Aliases: channelhide


kicks a member from the guild


Locks the channel
Aliases: channellock


Clone the channel, where the command is used


Unbans a member from the guild


Unhides the channel
Aliases: channelunhide


Unlocks the channel
Aliases: channelunlock


Removes all tracks from the queue and stop the player.
Aliases: clearqueue, cq, qc, queueclear


Fixs the voice lagging error!
Aliases: fixvoice


Fast forwards a song.
Aliases: ff, fastforward, fwd, seek


Plays a song from the search query or a link
Aliases: grootplay, gplay


Makes the bot to join your voice channel.
Aliases: j, connect


Leave the Voice channel and reset the player.
Aliases: dc, reset, disconnect, stop


Toogle looping your currently playing track
Aliases: repeat


Shows the lyrics of the current song!
Aliases: lyric


Change the position of a track in the queue.
Aliases: mv


Shows details of current playing track.
Aliases: current, np, song, now-playing


Pauses the current playing track.
Aliases: wait, break


Plays a song from the search query or a link
Aliases: p


Skips to previously played track.
Aliases: pre


Display the queue of this server.
Aliases: q, songlist


Remove a specific or array of tracks.
Aliases: delete


removed duplicates
Aliases: rdp


Resumes the current paused song.
Aliases: continue, unpause, r, res


Rewinds a song (default 10 seconds).
Aliases: backward, rwd


Search for the input and returns a list of results for you to pick from.


Shuffle the queue.


Skip to the next and specific track in queue.
Aliases: s, skipto


Lets you change the bots output volume.
Aliases: vol, v, sound


Get your playlist data!
Aliases: pl


Enables 24/7 mode and stays in vc even after song ends
Aliases: 24_7, 24/7, 24h


Enables or disables music announcement!
Aliases: announcement


Toggels whether Groot will automatically play releated songs after the Queue has run out
Aliases: ap


Add or remove black list channel
Aliases: blacklistch, blchannel, blc


Changes language for the server!
Aliases: lan, lang


Change/View prefix in your server.


Set requester on/off in now playing embed
Aliases: req