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Priyanshu Jhawar CEO

Our esteemed CEO, Priyanshu, attributes the success of our organization to his unwavering dedication and forward-thinking vision. He effectively steers the company in a progressive direction, leveraging his comprehensive expertise in the bot industry to elevate our organization to unprecedented heights. Priyanshu's visionary leadership is the driving force behind our current standing, and his guidance fosters a nurturing environment for all team members. A consummate professional and inspiring mentor, he is an invaluable asset to our organization and a pleasure to collaborate with.

Ayaan Atri CTO

Our talented developer, Ayaan, expertly manages the entire development spectrum of our organization. He is the mastermind behind the creation of Groot Music, our exceptional bot, and continues to be responsible for its ongoing development. Ayaan's extensive expertise in the programming domain is evidenced by his numerous certifications and accolades. In addition to his impressive technical prowess, he brings to the table a sharp wit and exceptional problem-solving skills, making him an invaluable contributor to our team's success.

Ayush Attri Director

As the Director, Ayush Attri plays a pivotal role in our team dynamics. His strategic guidance and oversight ensure the smooth operation of our organization, effectively driving us toward our goals. Ayush's exceptional leadership abilities, coupled with his ability to cultivate a collaborative work environment, enable our team to consistently exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Gaurish Sethia WEB DEVELOPER

Gaurish Sethia, our Web Developer, embarked on his coding journey in 2019 amidst the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic. With a strong desire to explore new opportunities and uncover his potential, Gaurish dedicated himself to mastering various programming languages and technologies. He primarily works with JavaScript/TypeScript and Golang, while also utilizing web technologies such as React (Next.js, Preact.js), Vue (Nuxt.js, VuePress, Vuetify), and bundlers like Webpack 5, Turbopack, and ViteJS. Gaurish's expertise in these areas greatly contributes to the cutting-edge web solutions our team delivers.


Pragyan Sarma, our Administrator, is a vital pillar of support for our organization. As the backbone of our operations, he excels in managing our entire community with exceptional finesse and style. Pragyan is not only a dedicated professional but also a wonderful colleague and friend. His contributions are instrumental in fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment for everyone involved.


Adnan Qureshi, our Administrator, is a crucial support pillar for our organization. Serving as the backbone of our operations, Adnan excels in overseeing our entire community with exceptional finesse and panache. Adnan is not only a devoted professional but also a fantastic colleague and friend. His contributions play a pivotal role in nurturing a collaborative and efficient work environment for all those involved.